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For Honor Download Game PC Working Full Version + Crack

For Honor Download Game PC Working Full Version + Crack

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For Honor – info about PC Game

Manufactured by Ubisoft Montreal shooter action-game with a view TPP, in which quasi-medieval battlefields measure the Knights, Vikings and Samurai. For Honor Download PC Seen as a a realistic fighting system and a sizable dose of brutality. In addition to the multiplayer title offers a singleplayer campaign.

For Honor Crack This brutal third person action game in a quasi-historical realities, which places focus on fun multi-player. The PC version of Windows is the work of an experienced studio room Ubisoft Montreal.


The plot of the development involved takes place in the alternative, pseudo-medieval world where the struggle of three factions. The Found correspond to the Western samurai, The Legions pull the pattern of Western european knights, and the Warborn strikingly exactly like the Vikings.


The game features half a dozen game modes, including typical duels 1 vs you and 2 vs 2, and so-called. Dominion, which is a variation on the mode of superiority. Each page in the conflict represent tens of characters, but only a fraction of 4 are guided by players. That they are powerful warriors with unique abilities, towering within the rank and file members of the military, which in regulating man-made intelligence. They prejudge the fate of the fight, appearing in key places and doing what it takes to turn the tide on the right page (and therefore challenges do not give attention to real action, but require a sense of strategic and tactical). Participants come at this in a march steered by other players warriors of the rival faction, and therefore play an important role in the play clash at-arms.
Although light treatment of historical reality in regards to the selection of celebrations to the conflict, the creators have set themselves the goal of left over true to the styles of fighting knights, Samurai and Vikings. Designed for this purpose mechanics called the ability of Struggle, which is of great importance even if it is from which area we keep a system at blocking attacks – for instance, do not defend themselves before reducing to the right, if zastawimy the left. That is also worth talking about the special actions; an amazing trial of enemies the participant can, for example. summon fire catapults in the required area or temporarily improve the combat efficiency foot soldiers in the area.
In addition to the multiplayer discussed development on the PC program Windows also provides a kind of role-playing campaign, portion as an introduction to the earth presented.

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